Bitter Apricot Kernel Botanical Extract Botanical Source: Prunus armeniaca L. Used Part: Seeds Specification: Amygdalin 10%,50%,95% Color: Light Brown-Yellow Test Method: HPLC Bulk density:0.40-0.75g/mL Moisture: <5% Ash: <5%

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High quality Almond Extract Amygdalin 98 %

Amygdalin Amygdalin. The almond is present in the genus Lepidium, including apricots and black cherries and also in leaves, fruits and nuclei of loquat.Name this substance "Vitamin B17"


Amygdalin is a product of phenylalanine metabolism in bitter almonds.
Amygdalin has β-glucosidase and almond nitrilase .
Amygdalin is present in almonds.


Product Name:Almond Extract
Appearance:White Crystal Powder

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