Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Extract

Brief information: capsicum powder Product name: capsicum powder Part used: fruit Appearance: Dark red fine powder Active ingredients: capsanthin , chilli orange ,Capsaicin Specification: 2%,5%,8%,10%,20%,40%,99%,10:1 Main function: can warm stomach ,dry and wet ,sweat Application: Health care products Packaging: Paper-drums and two layers plastic bags packed. Net Weight: 25kg/drum

Product details


capsicum powder is used as natural red coloring matter. It can be used in both food and medicine filed. In terms of food, capsicum extract is also used as natural condiment &seasoning. While for pharmaceutical, it could increase the brains of production of serotonin, stimulate production of melanin, and contract the upper and lower digestive tract.


Function of capsicum powder :

1. capsicum powder has the effect of burning fat.

2. capsicum powder has the effect of beauty beauty.

3. capsicum powder has the effect of analgesic dampness.

4. capsicum powder has the effect of preventing cancer.


Application of capsicum powder :

1.capsicum powder has can be used in natural red coloring matter

2.capsicum powder has can be used in natural condiment and seasoning

3.capsicum powder has can be used in natural health product, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic.

Packaging & Delivery details

1. Park in aluminum foil bag for 1kg.

2. Park in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside for 10kgs/25kgs.

3. According to your requirment. 

Lead time: within 3-7days when receiving the confirmed payment. 

Port: any port in China 

MOQ:  1kgs

Net weight: 25kgs/drum 

Gross weight: 28kgs/drum 

Payment : T/T, Paypal or alibaba payment, if you need other payment methods, please contact me. 

Freight: The freight cost will charge according to the destination detailed quantity 

Storge: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life: 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sunlight.

Our advantage:

1.Free sample(10-20g or enough to detection) and Unconditional assume respons

2.100% Natural porduct, without any synthetize ingredient

3.Manufacturer direct supply, provide OEM, R&D service


5.Leading plant extract manufacturer in China.

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