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  • Daidzein

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    Daidzein has both weak estrogenic and weak anti-estrogenic effects. Daizein has also antioxidant activity. Foti P. et al of the Department of Food Science and Microbiology (University of Milan) compared the antioxidant activity daidzein and genistein. antioxidant activity in...

  • Curcumin

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    Products Discription Active ingredients:Curcumin Specification:95% Appearance:Yellow Powder Test Method:HPLC

  • Berberine Hydrochloride

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    Berberine Hydrochloride

    Brief information: Name: Berberine Extract Hydrochloride CAS No.: 633-65-8 Molecular Formula: C20H18NO4.Cl.H2O Molecular Weight: 407 Assay: 97%, 98% by HPLC Density: 1.654g/cm3 Appearance: Yellow needle-like crystals Plant sources: Thorn Coptis Melting Point...

  • Apigenin

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    Apigenin Extract Powder Apigenin is a polyphenol, and is one of the flavonoids found in many of the foods consumed by humans. Technically, it is a flavone with three OH groups on it. This compound is being widely studied for its anti-cancer properties. In particular,...

  • High Quality OPO 1 3-Dioleoyl 2-Palmitoyl Triglyceride

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    High Quality OPO 1 3-Dioleoyl 2-Palmitoyl Triglyceride

    Chemical name: 1,3-Dioleoyl 2-palmitoyl triglyceride
    English name: 1,3-Dioleoyl 2-palmitoyl triglyceride
    Molecular formula: C55H102O6
    Appearance:White or off-white powder Other Names:1,3-Dioleo-2-palmitin Function:Food Additives

  • Amygdalin

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    Bitter Apricot Kernel Botanical Extract Botanical Source: Prunus armeniaca L. Used Part: Seeds Specification: Amygdalin 10%,50%,95% Color: Light Brown-Yellow Test Method: HPLC Bulk density:0.40-0.75g/mL Moisture: <5% Ash: <5%

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