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Coenzyme Q10 can alleviate senile mental decline

A study has shown that using coenzyme Q10 supplements can alleviate  some of the cognitive and mental impairments associated with aging.

In the study, the researchers produced brain-damaged mouse models  that simulated age-related brain damage.The age of the selected mice  was 17.5 months, equivalent to the old age of humans.The rats were  randomly divided into 3 groups, and the first group had 0.72mg/g  dose of coenzyme Q10 supplementation, and the second group added  2.81mg/g dose of coenzyme Q10, and the third group was the control  group.The study lasted 15 weeks.After six weeks, the researchers  began using the morris water maze to test the brains of mice.The  results showed that rats with high dose group had obvious repair of  senile cognitive impairment.Low-dose groups have similar effects.In  addition, high-dose rats were more efficient in swimming to safety  compared with the control group.However, other behavior did not  improve significantly.

Bioactivity analysis of mice showed significant reductions in  oxidative damage to the heart, liver and skeletal muscles of the  high-dose mice.A similar effect was observed in low-dose groups.

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