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Curcumin and bone health

Curcumin and bone health

Muscles and bones are the power bearers of movement.The stronger the bones, the stronger the muscles, the greater the sense of strength.In practice, however, many sports are violent, violent and inevitably lead to muscle and bone damage, such as football, basketball and rugby.


According to the European medicine and pharmacology review magazine recently published a study, 50 male football players (such as violent collision, grappling cause bone and muscle pain), random use of curcumin supplements (2 g each time, twice a day, provided by the serie di the phospholipids of curcumin), or standard care processes, lasts for 5 to 10 days.Evaluation shows that curcumin supplements group showed higher treatment compliance (96% VS 60%) and tolerance (96% VS 56%), and supplements only 1 person claims to have mild side effects, while the control group had four people said stomachache side effects.This suggests that even with short-term use, curcumin supplements can improve the body's impaired function and discomfort.

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