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Curcumin and cardiovascular health

The heart and cardiovascular are carriers of the energy and substance supply of exercise.A good state of motion requires a good supply of energy and material.Curcumin can improve vascular endothelial function and balance blood pressure to achieve healthy cardiovascular function.

China 95% Curcumin

Texas Christian university and New Zealand massey university conducted a study, the researchers recruited 59 volunteers of health, with an average age of 21, randomly divided into three groups, the first group received a placebo, the other two groups each day contains 50 mg and 200 mg of curcumin supplements, using index of vasodilation (FMD) detection of curcumin on the influence of the endothelium.FMD is an accurate endothelial function detection method and can be used as an indicator of cardiovascular diseases.A higher FMD index means a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.For every 1 percent increase in the FMD index, the risk of cardiovascular disease drops 9 percent to 17 percent.

Researchers finally found that 200 mg group of FMD index rose by 2.8%, this means that 200 mg of curcumin supplements to improve the health of young endothelial function, and improve blood vessel function healthy people, including the balance of human body after stimulation of vascular contraction and relaxation.

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