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Curcumin and respiratory health

Curcumin and respiratory health

Exercise makes the human body to the oxygen demand rises rapidly,  along with the breath intensity and the speed enhancement,therefore  to the respiratory system request to increase.This is why people who  start exercising and working out are first emphasized on improving  cardiopulmonary function.

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However, the lung pressure ability is very poor, easily leading to  oxidative stress, inflammation and other kinds of lung  health.Curcumin has attracted the attention of researchers because  of its strong antioxidant capacity.In March 2014, published in the  journal of international breathing "research progress of curcumin in  the respiratory system disease", PangQi on respiratory health  function of curcumin are summarized, including:

A.Curcumin can reduce the degree of pulmonary fibrosis by regulating  the oxidation-antioxidant imbalance and inhibiting the value-added  transformation of fibroblasts.

B.Curcumin can inhibit the carcinogenic effect of benzopyrene on  mice by increasing the content of superoxide dismutase and  catalase.Curcumin can also inhibit cell proliferation by inhibiting  cell proliferation and inducing lung cancer cell apoptosis.

C.Curcumin can inhibit NO level, reduce oxidative stress, inhibit  respiratory inflammation, and play a role of antiasthmatic.

D.The anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties of curcumin can  reduce the emphysema and respiratory inflammation caused by trypsin  and smoke.

Anyhow, oxidative stress lead to respiratory health problems more  and more get the attention of health workers, curcumin anti-oxidant,  anti-inflammatory effect has received a number of clinical studies  confirmed that its application in the field of respiratory health is  worth in-depth study.

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