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HSF Biotech - excellent domestic manufacturer of plant sterol ester

HSF Biotech - excellent domestic manufacturer of plant sterol ester

Xian Healthful Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a professional research and development of plant sterol esters, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. The main production of soya sterol ester oil, soya sterol stearate, wood sterol ester oil, wood sterol stearate, and other products. Use bioconversion technology, low temperature concentration technology, greatly retain biological activity of natural functional ingredients to make products to a greater extent play a role in dairy products, functional food, pharmaceutical, oil and cosmetics. And efforts to enhance the biological activity of the product, stability, ease of use, to meet the various needs of customers. Companies with an annual output of various types of plant sterol ester 1,000 tons.

HSF Biotech phytosterol esters obtained by the transesterification of plant sterols with fatty acids or by esterification. Sterol esters in the human body can be converted into sterols and fatty acids, so its physiological functions including phytosterols and fatty acid portion has two physiological functions, has the same free phytosterols reduce plasma total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol effect, The absorbent aspect, stability and better applications. Phytosterols has significant lipid-lowering function, which has been confirmed by numerous studies. However, plant sterols do not dissolve in water, solubility in the oil phase is quite limited, this disadvantage limits its application. Over the years, people have been trying to phytosterols modified to expand its range of applications.

Abroad began to explore ways of phytosterols applications since the early 1990s, through purification, modification has developed a variety of plant sterol products. Wherein the esterified phytosterols sterol esters is one important means of modification. Esterification product of sterol esters as lipid-lowering functional factor can be widely used in dairy products, functional food, pharmaceutical, oil and cosmetics, while reducing the use of emulsifiers. Most foods can be added to improve the nutritional value of plant sterol ester, and without affecting the original texture of food, which expanded the scope of application of plant sterol esters.


Product Description: The plant sterol ester is a plant sterol and fatty acid esterification of vegetable oil, at room temperature is a white to pale yellow paste, when heated to 50 flowable viscous oily liquid. Phytosterol esters can effectively reduce blood cholesterol levels, can be used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other fields.


Certification: Our products have passed ISO9001, IP, Kosher, Halal certification.

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