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ISO Factory Offer Phytosterol Ester


Phytosterol Esters is a kind of light yellow oily paste with typical fatty odor and taste at ambient temperature,and it will turn to be clear oil above 50ºC/122°F. It is obtained by esterification of free plant sterolswith fatty acids.

It has a significant effect of lowering serum cholesterol, so it can widely be added into food and dietary supplements. It can also be used in cosmetics serving as the skin care nutrient,humectant and emulsifier.



Phytosterol ester have a high permeability on skin, it can keep moisture on the surface of the skin. Moreover, it will promote the skin cell metabolism, anti inflammation,prevent sunburn, anti skin aging, and promote hair growth. It could also be used as a W/O emulsifier. The production of skin cream containing phytosterol ester will have the characteristics of smooth skin sense,durability, easy modification and so on.

1. Phytosterols structurally similar to skin cholesterol,increase Moisture Retention capacity by mending the stratum corneum
• Strengthen the skin barrier function
• Soothing, Anti-irritating
• Phytosterols for extremely dry and mature skin treatments
2. Strengthen the characteristics of other ingredients as an excellent coemulsifier


Phytosterols, commonly referred to as plant sterols, are plant lipids that are naturally present in vegetables, fruits, and grains. Eating foods rich in
plant sterols helps promote healthy blood cholesterol levels. When plant sterols reach the digestive tract, they block gastrointestinal absorption of dietary cholesterol into the bloodstream, thus lowering serum cholesterol.It is difficult to incorporate free plant sterols into edible fats/oils
because of their insolubility, whereas plant sterols esterified to fatty acids are more fat-soluble. In intestines, most plant sterol esters are hydrolyzed to free plant sterols again as part of the normal digestive process.


Phytosterol Esters                                                                                              Water Dispersible Phytosterol Esters Powder
Milk drink                                                                                                             Solid Beverage
Snack Bar                                                                                                             Milk Powder
Yoghurt drink                                                                                                       Orange juice
Soy drink                                                                                                              Candy Chews
Buttermilk                                                                                                             Rye bread
Salad                                                                                                                     Instant Oat Meal
Dressing Hard Capsule
Cream cheese
Edible oil product
Soft Capsules


Product Name




Phytosterol Ester

Soybean Source


Light yellow to off-white paste

Low melting point compared to sterols,
Dispersible in oil Used in food, spread,
cosmetic, nutrient and dairy products.

Phytosterol Ester
Pine Tree Source


Light yellow to
off-white paste

Low melting point compared to sterols,
Dispersible in oil Used in food, spread,
cosmetic, nutrient and dairy products.
Higher sitosterol content than soybean source

Water Dispersible Phytosterol Ester
Micro-encapsulated Powder


White to off -white
water dispersible

Used in food, powdered drinks, dairy
products, cosmetic and personal care
products, water-based formulations

Phytosterol Powder


White to off -white
Limited oil solubility
and completely
insoluble in water

Little to no mouth feel
Tablets or Hard capsules
Ability to blend with other dry ingredients.


Xi'an Healthful Biotechnology Co., Ltd is only manufacturer of Phytosterol Ester in China,we have got it approved by EU novel food,ISO22000,ISO9001,IP(Non-GMO),Kosher,Hahal etc.

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