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Key of Life --- Phytosterols

             Key of Life --- Phytosterols

According to statistics, China cholesterol exceeded by more than 1.6 billion people, China faced unprecedented threat of cardiovascular disease. China's current annual number of people die of cardiovascular disease almost three million people, about 45% of the total number of deaths, cardiovascular disease has become a threat to the health of residents of China's "number one killer." Many people do not understand cholesterol, in fact, we do not know the body into three cholesterol eat! So, you want to control cholesterol through diet, we must first know ourselves, know common foods cholesterol content in the end at what level.

Cholesterol mainly in animal foods, however, different in different parts of animals and animal cholesterol levels are quite different. As for discrimination skills, please keep in mind the general principle: higher than poultry meat, fat is higher than the lean meat, fish, crustaceans higher. Now, please look at the cholesterol content of different foods. High-cholesterol foods per 100 grams of food cholesterol levels of 200 to 300 mg. Such as lard, fat, pigskin, shoes Bang, egg yolk; animal brain, animal offal (kidneys, liver, etc.); fried chicken, hot dogs, potato chips and other Western fast food; nuts, cream, cake, ice cream, etc; in addition, touted crabs, oysters, squid and other seafood freshwater fishes, also belong to the high-cholesterol foods. Moderate food cholesterol per 100 grams of food cholesterol is 100-200 mg, such as grass carp, carp, silver carp, eels, eel, turtle, pork chops, chicken and the like. Low cholesterol foods per 100 grams of food containing less than 100 milligrams of cholesterol, such as eel, butterfish, carp, lean meat; cholesterol-free foods are vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals, beans, soy products, whole grains and so on. To effectively reduce cholesterol, in addition to eating cholesterol-rich foods, and some foods are cholesterol enemies, that can help us, such as konjac, tomatoes, oats, pumpkin seeds, beans, tea and so on. Among some of the above in addition to the daily diet, international nutrition in recent years, called phytosterols substance gradually get nutritionists and people of all ages to become the star of cholesterol. Phytosterols for Chinese people is probably still a new thing, it is a extracted from corn, soybeans, vegetables and nuts in a white powder, which are structurally similar to cholesterol, but will not be absorbed by the body. After being eaten, they form phytosterols and cholesterol competition, hinder the "bad" cholesterol is absorbed into the bloodstream in the small intestine, and this obstacle can be reduced by 40% -60% absorption of cholesterol, which can reduce cholesterol, protect heart role. In 1998, two foreign scholars have made a "plant sterols can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease" argument; in 2000, said the study abroad intake 2 grams of plant sterols per day can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease by 25%; in addition, there are over 2400 clinical study showed that even if the intake of phytosterols is too


Large, and no significant adverse reactions. Based on this, the FDA has approved to add a food plant sterols can use the "healthy" label. Phytosterols by scientists as the "key of life", the World Heart Organization, American Heart Association, the British Heart Foundation, the German Nutrition Society of Medicine and diet, Australia Heart Association and other world authorities are strongly recommended; 47 countries recognized and it is used in food processing. Phytosterols because of its "reduce the body's absorption of cholesterol," the effect is widely used in the food industry in Europe and America, and in China, phytosterols also received in 2007 the Ministry of Health, "a new resource food" certification. Why do plant sterols can lower cholesterol? There are four truth: the first major truth: "crime and promote good" bad cholesterol, plant sterols can seize positions in the gut, and to promote its excretion, thereby lowering total blood cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels, while not good influence cholesterol. The second big truth: "intelligent management" Interestingly, only when the body is higher than the daily intake of 400-450 mg cholesterol, phytosterols will "work." If the intake of cholesterol itself is not high, it will not affect its absorption of phytosterols, which help the body maintain normal cholesterol levels. The third big truth: that the human body can not be synthesized nutrients can not be synthesized by the body itself, the only way to get through the meal. Fourth largest Truth: After a balanced diet researchers at Brandeis University, through the study found that 10 participants in two consecutive four weeks eat 30 grams of plant sterol enriched Mexican corn chips, their "bad cholesterol "the average reduction of 15%, while the" good cholesterol "has not changed, total cholesterol decreased by 10%.

Academic community recognized, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity and lack of exercise is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease. In response to these factors, and take effective measures, can significantly reduce the likelihood of coronary heart disease. Long-term increase in the intake of plant sterols, for ordinary people, high cholesterol, coupled with proper exercise, proper diet, to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, health purposes, it is a good method.

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