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Lutein Effect To Eye

          Lutein Effect To Eye


Protect the retina, to ensure visual clarity, lutein is a good antioxidant, can prevent the absorption of light at the time of retinal oxidative damage; and to protect the eye capillaries, maintain good blood circulation Mother. Lutein supplement the six efficacy let Xinmingyanliang!

1, protect the retina, to ensure visual clarity

Lutein is a good antioxidant, can prevent the absorption of light at the time of retinal oxidative damage; and eye protection capillaries, maintain good blood circulation.

2, improve vision

Lutein is a very strong antioxidant, can help filter out blue light, to reduce chromatic aberration, making the vision more precise.

3, prevent glaucoma

Lutein can reduce the intensity of the oxidation globulin eye, the greater the intake, the lower the incidence of glaucoma.

4, delay the occurrence of cataracts

Lutein is the only presence of crystalline carotenoids, can enhance the antioxidant capacity of the lens, resist sun and free radical damage, delay or prevent the occurrence of cataracts.

5, high myopia prevention sequelae

High myopia prone to retinal detachment, water, floaters, and even lead to permanent blindness, add enough to make eye lutein adequate nutrition, can reduce the occurrence of disease.

6, to reduce macular degeneration, diseases

Macular degeneration is caused by the main cause of blindness in the elderly. The test proved that lutein can help elderly-related macular degeneration patients improve vision.

That in the end how lutein supplementation? Why recommend "Tomorrow's Hope" lutein esters tablets?

1. natural ingredients: the main component of the Qinghai Plateau completely non-polluting natural marigold (content up to 30% -40%) to extract lutein esters with imported European bilberry extract, to ensure product safety and product efficacy and natural .

2. scientific formula: the "invisible sunglasses," said the key nutrients are lutein eye development, after a large number of experiments NCPC R & D group, preferably a blueberry lutein esters and scientific formula. Daily intake by 12 mg lutein esters and cranberries, can add retina of the eye, the lens nutrition, improved vision, slow aging and prevent eye disease.

3. Security forms: tablets by chewing or orally, the active ingredient easily absorbed, taste good, more convenient to take, no side effects.

4. Sugar-free products: "Tomorrow's Hope" lutein esters tablets in the list of ingredients all ingredients except the express, not to add any other substances. Product taste sweetness sorbitol (Eye moisturizing effect) and mannitol (lower intraocular pressure, promote excretion accumulation eye effect) of natural flavor, in addition, sorbitol and mannitol have low heat, without increasing advantages blood sugar, is very suitable for young children and for people who have high blood sugar.

5. brand strength: North China Pharmaceutical is the leading large pharmaceutical companies, is the first by GMP pharmaceutical enterprise, plant, equipment, domestic first-class, strict management. Adhering to the "supremacy of human health, quality is always first" philosophy, according to QS requirements of food production, we use the concept of safe food and pharmaceutical rigor demands on themselves, to secure product quality and safety is guaranteed.

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