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Microencapsulated Sunflower Oil Powder

About Sunflower Oil Powder:

Sunflower seeds, also known as sunflower seeds, is the sunflower fruit. Its sub-kernel contains 30% -45% fat, up to 60%. Sunflower oil color golden, clear and transparent, smell fragrance, is an important edible oil. It contains a lot of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, can promote the regeneration and growth of human cells to protect the skin health, and can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, is a high-level nutrition oil. It is golden in color, clear and transparent, with aromatic smell。

Sunflower Oil Powder is a free-flowing white to yellow white powder,which is well soluble in cold water and can be used in capsules,solid drink and premix,etc.

Sunflower Oil Powder


Food Field.

Applied in food additives, it owns the effect of antifatigue, anti-aging and nourishing brain.

Pharmaceutical Field.

Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is used to treat coronary heart disease, bradycardia and high heart rate arrhythmia,high blood pressure, etc.

Cosmetic Field.

Applied in cosmetics field, it owns the effect of whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle,anti-oxidant, activating skin Cells, making skin more tender and firm.

About our Factory.

HSF Biotech is the first one and the only manufacturer of Phytosterol ester (with own patents) in China; and a top three provider of Natural Vitamin E in China; and a new innovative manufacturer of Microencapsulated functional lipid powder(to solve application problems of natural antioxidant & functional factors with instability, low water-solubility, low bio-availability, hard to premix etc.)

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