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With a leading technology solutions of micro-encapsulation, HSF Biotech solves the application problems of natural antioxidant and functional factors with instability, low water-solubility, low bioavailability, hard to pre mix etc.. we possess patented technology in emulsification, embedding, WURSTER spray granulation, multistage polymerization technology. Meanwhile, we managed the all-round joint operations with many China famous universities like: China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University and Northeast Agricultural University.  HSF Leading Patented Technology of Functional Factors’ Micro-encapsulations: Emulsification, Embedding, WURSTER Spray Granulation, Multistage agglomeration
Are you going to wholesale micro-encapsulated powders from a professional micro-encapsulated powders producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known micro-encapsulated powders manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.
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