Mixed Tocopherol Powder 30%/Natural Vitamin E Powder

Mixed Tocopherol Powder 30%/Natural Vitamin E Powder

Other Name:Natural Vitamin E Powder
Appearance:Light Pink Powder
CAS Number: 1406-18-4
Shelf Life:2 Years

Product details

Product Name:Mixed Tocopherol Powder

Source: Soy beans

Part Used: seed

Active Ingredient: D-α Tocopherol,D-β Tocopherol,D-γ Tocopherol,D-δ Tocopherol

Specification: 30%

Appearance: Light brown  fine powder

Molecular structureNameCAS No.Composition ratio
HTB1enjFFCtYBeNjSspa761OOFXav.pngD-α Tocopherol59-02-914%
HTB1wOkiFaSWBuNjSsrb7610mVXaI.pngD-β Tocopherol16698-35-42%
HTB1kIJPFA9WBuNjSspe761z5VXau.pngD-γ Tocopherol54-28-460%
HTB1JxyUFxGYBuNjy0Fn7605lpXa6.pngD-δ Tocopherol119-13-124%



It is a water-dispersible fine powder which is light tan in color with a bland odor taste. It contains nature mixed tocopherols which are obtained from edible vegetable oils by suitable physical means. It is made spray drying the ative ingredient onto Maltodextrin. It is intent f0r use as an antioxidant in the dietary supplement and food industry. 


The body needs a certain amount of vitamin E in the diet to prevent some problems of the central nervous system.Vitamin E in controlled amounts contributes to a healthy diet.

Some forms of tocopherol are also antioxidants: they help the body fight off chronic disease by helping to resist oxidization in the blood.


1. Pharmaceutical stuff;

2. Functional food and food additive;

3. Cosmetics additive;

Packing Detail:Packed in 40cmX50cm paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.

Net Weight: 25kgs/drum.

Storage Situation: Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light / heat.

Shelf Life:Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.


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