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Beta Carotene May Protect Us

Beta carotene may protect against other cancers as well, including esophageal, liver, pancreatic, colon, rectal, prostate, ovarian, and cervical cancers due to their potency as an antioxidant.

People with low levels of antioxidants in their diets or their bloodstream are more likely to develop certain cancers. By comparison, people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables cut their risk of getting cancer in half.

The best sources of beta carotene are pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot, tomato, red bell peppers,
asparagus, bok choi, apricot, mango, orange, cantaloupe, papaya, and watermelon. The less obvious are spinach, kale, and collards and believe it or not, frozen mixed vegetables and fruits as well.

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