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Better Know Something About Lutein!

Lutein powder is extract from marigold flower, which is originally from Mexico, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, and Yunnan Province, where tempretures varies widely from day to night so that the assaying of Lutine is higher in raw materials. 

Lutein powder is a kind of carotenoids of active Vitamin A, with the function of antioxidant and tinting.

Marigold Flower Extract Lutein,also named phytolutein,co-existing with zeaxanthine,which usually exists in vegetables, flowers, fruits and the organism, is a kind of natural pigment, which is the main pigment that forms the macular area of the retins in human eyes.

Lutein has the functions of antioxidant, reducing the rate of cataract, delaying the early arteriosclerosis, anti-cancer, and preventing the retinopathy.

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