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Powdered Phytosterol Esters Making Life Healthier

Phytosterol ester powder has the physiological functions of lowering cholesterol, mediating blood lipids, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and weight loss and can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. 

It`s suitable for people who have high blood lipids or need to control the blood lipids intex, who are with high cholesterol levels or have a moderate or low global cardiovascular risk, and can`t be treated with drugs, who need to protect the heart, prevent or treat coronary atherosclerosis or to reduce the incidence of heart diseases, who need to supress gallstones, relieve skin ulcers or other skin inflammatory, who want to prevent certain cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, and lung cancer.

It is used for solid bevrages, meal replacement milk shakes, energy bars, tablet candies. food additives to lower cholewterol and regulate blood lipids. And for cosmetics, it is used for moisture, repairing and anti-inflammatory.

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