Phytosterol Powder 95%/Plant Sterol Powder

Phytosterol Powder 95%/Plant Sterol Powder

purity:90% 95%
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Product details

Product name: High Quality Phytosterol Powder 90% with Good Price / Plant Sterol

Place of origin: Shaanxi Province , China

Part Used: Soybean

Specification: 90%, 95%

Test method: HPLC


Phytosterol, a kind of white or off-white powder, extracted from edible vegetable oils through a series of new technology, which consists of β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, brassicasterol, campesterol, etc. Besides,  as a raw material for the synthesis of steroid drug, it has the effect of reducing cholesterol, anti-ulcer, and anti-canner in clinical, and it also could be used as a hair care nutrient and a skin care nutrient for cosmetics. In addition it is used as new type animal feed due to its attributes of benefit-growth, promote-healthy and raise-output.


1. Protecting the bladder smooth muscle against cellular damage caused by ischemia and reperfusion.

2. Inhibiting benign prostatic hypertrophy and cancer of the prostate. Restoring secretory activity of prostate epithelium.

3. Clearing bladder neck urethral obstruction, significantly improving urologic symptoms and flow measures.

4. Also used for incontinence, urine retention, polyuria or frequent urination, dysuria.


Phytosterol includes a class of bioactive molecules and has wide spread applications in medicine, cosmetics, food, feed, paper manufacturing, printing, and textile industries.  

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