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Application of MCT in the field of weight loss

Sep 19, 2021

The digestion and absorption characteristics of MCT:

Compared with the fats (long-chain fatty acid triglycerides, LCT) contained in the daily diet, MCT has the characteristics of easier digestion and absorption. MCT has 6 times stronger hydrolysis ability than LCT. MCT not only has strong self-emulsifying ability, it can also promote the emulsification of LCT. MCT hydrolysis is less dependent on bile salts and pancreatin. Even without pancreatin, MCT can reach about 50% of the normal absorption level. MCT enters the liver directly from the hepatic portal vein without passing through the lymphatic system. It does not require the transport of carnitine acyltransferase to directly enter the hepatocyte mitochondria for β-oxidation. Oxidation is rapid and complete, and it is not easy to accumulate in adipose tissue and liver tissue. On the other hand, MCT hardly participates in the de novo synthesis of fatty acids and is rarely deposited in the body.mct

Metabolic characteristics of MCT in the body:

1) MCT has great water solubility, and there are more contact interfaces for enzyme action in unit time. It can also be partially hydrolyzed in the stomach and colon, so it is less dependent on bile salts and pancreatic enzymes during digestion, and is absorbed faster and more fully than long-chain fatty acids.

2) MCT molecule is small, has a low pH value, has low affinity with re-esterification enzyme and activating enzyme, and is very small in re-esterification. It does not participate in the formation of chylomicrons, and it runs directly to the liver through the portal vein.

3) MCT does not rely on carnitine to directly enter the mitochondria for β-oxidation.

4) MCT oxidation is rapid and complete, and it is not easy to accumulate in adipose tissue and liver tissue.

5) MCT does not inhibit the reticuloendothelial system.

6) MCT has high ketogenicity.

Based on the metabolic characteristics of MCT in the body, in real life, the biggest "beautiful point" that MCT brings to is that it can play an active role in weight loss, weight management, and prevention of fatty liver.