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How to correctly eat β- carotene?

Aug 14, 2016

                     How to correctly eat β- carotene?

β- carotene is a carotenoid substance that can be found in plants, which assist photosynthesis. Β- carotene primary role is to provide fruits and vegetables orange, red, yellow and green natural pigments. Cantaloupe, broccoli, spinach, carrots and other foods, and palm oil are the best dietary sources of β- carotene.
β- carotene is an important human nutrients, especially vitamin A deficiency. In fact, vitamin A deficiency is suspected, the blood test can be β- carotene notified of the results. Because β- carotene provitamin A function, it has antioxidant properties. Some researchers also believe that beta-carotene may also have a positive impact on the immune system and anti-cancer effects.
Most official and consumer health organizations recommend five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. These dietary guidelines can help the body get enough β- carotene. However, recent studies have also pointed out, β- carotene naturally occurring form of consumption is more beneficial than the nutritional supplements on human health. And some of these supplements may also lead to consumer harm. Clinical trials have found that β- carotene dietary supplements can increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers.
And other nutrients like, you can get a sufficient number of β- carotene by including a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. However, some doctors recommend that patients taking β- carotene supplements. Because β- carotene form of vitamin A is the pre-check it to see if the level is the main reason for the lack of vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency signs include vision problems, dry eyes or irritation, unexplained rash or hair loss, repeated infections. Like other supplements, first consult before taking β- carotene nutritional supplements doctors are wise.