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Introduction of MCT Powder

Nov 22, 2017

Introduction of MCT Powder

According to the length of carbon chain is divided into short chain fatty acids and long chain and chain, generally contains 8 ~ 12 carbon atoms in the carbon chain fatty acid called chain fatty acids (medium chain fatty acid, MCFA), it is glyceride in chain fatty acid triglyceride (or chain triglyceride, MCT).The typical MCT is the triglyceride of the saturated octanate triglyceride or the saturated capoic triglyceride or the saturated octanoic acid.

The triglycerides in the middle chain are only composed of saturated fatty acids, which are low in freezing point, liquid at room temperature and small viscosity.Compared with soybean oil, it is completely odorless and colorless transparent liquid.Compared with ordinary grease and hydrogenated oil, the content of unsaturated fatty acid in medium chain is extremely low, the oxidation stability is very good, its iodine value is no more than 0.5.MCT is particularly stable at high temperatures and low temperatures.


[product features]:Through the advanced micro - encapsulation technology, expanded the application range of products

[product applications]:Solid drink, healthy food, health products, etc

[product specifications]: 60%, can be customized 30-60% specification

The MCT is widely used in poultry and livestock breeding due to its high energy and easy absorption.

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