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Marigold Extract/lutein suspension

Mar 12, 2018

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Lutein Suspension 
Lutein (HPLC) 5%-20% 
Hs Code: 1302199099 
Usage: Food addtives 
Kosher HACCP FEMIQS Certificate  

Lutein suspension is obtained by ultramicro grind of the lutein crystals and added into the vegetable oils with antioxidants, then emulsification. Its main components are lutein, vegetable oil and antioxidants.

Application: Mainly used in foodstuffs, phamaceuticals and health care products including creams, filling, oils and salads. It is also used as the filling of the lutein softgels.

Usage: Simply add or mix with other ingredients.

Appearance: Yellow to orange oil suspension or sticky liquid.

Quality Index:

Lutein (HPLC) 5%-20%
Solvent residue (as hexane)



Lead (Pb)≤10mg/kg
Total Bacteria≤1000cfu/g
Pathogenic bacteriaNot detected

Product Quality is complied with the Enterprise Standards Q/STY003-2008 and standards of FAO/WHO.

Package:1kg or 5kg per plastic barrel. With carton box outside. 20kg/carton.

Storage and Shelf-life: Kept out of sunlight or high temperature. Store in cool and dry conditions. Once open the package, please use it up or sealed as soon as possible.

Shelf-life:12 months


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