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Vegetables rich in natural folic acid and vitamin C

May 06, 2021

Cabbage is also known as cabbage, pimple white, cabbage, cabbage, and cabbage.

Summer is the season when cabbage goes on the market in large numbers, ranking fifth among anti-cancer vegetables. The vitamin C content is about twice as high as that of cabbage. In addition, cabbage is rich in folic acid, so pregnant women and patients with anemia should eat more cabbage.

Cabbage has high water content (about 90%) and low calories. However, most cabbage salads contain 5 times more calories than simple cabbage. Because salads often contain fat-rich seasonings, those who want to lose weight by controlling their diet It is best to use a low-calorie dressing for the salad.

Abundant vitamin C can enhance immunity and prevent cardiovascular diseases. With special physiologically active protein, it can help skin renewal and wound healing, and has skin care and beauty effects!