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What do you know about phytosterol esters?

Nov 01, 2017

HSF LowChol Phytosterol Esters are prepared by esterification of phytosterols and fatty acids.Sterol esters can be converted into sterol and fatty acids in the human body, so its physiological function includes both phytosterol and fatty acids of physiological functions, bsorbent, better stability and application field.


Phytosterol does not dissolve in water and its solubility in the oil phase is quite limited, which limits its application.For years, people have been trying to modify plant sterol to expand its application,Esterification of plant sterols is one of the most important modification methods.Esterification product can be widely used in dairy products, functional foods, medicines, oils and cosmetics, as well as reducing the use of emulsifiers.In most foods, phytosterol esters can be added to improve nutritional value without affecting the original texture of food, which enlarges the application range of phytosterol esters.

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