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Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Beta-carotene And Lutein

Jan 27, 2021

Lutein has unique health care functions and good coloring properties, and can be widely used in the food industry. It can be colored in baked foods, beverages, frozen foods, jellies and jams, with bright and long-lasting colors. At the end of 2006, it has entered the GB2760 food additive catalog, which can be used as a colorant and a nutritional fortifier.

Sufficient intake of lutein can protect the macula and effectively prevent vision loss. Lutein, as an antioxidant, can scavenge free radicals and free radicals, limit tissue damage caused by metabolism and care, improve the body's immunity, and prevent aging.

Lutein is used as a coloring agent according to different products, and the recommended dosage is (lutein crystal mg/kg) 50mg/kg-150mg/kg.

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Performance comparison of lutein and Beta-carotene:

1. Both are carotene substances, and the color is golden yellow, that is, the color is the same;

2. Beta-carotene can only be dissolved in a small amount in oily products, and only 0.25% can be dissolved in vegetable oil at 100℃, most of which are in a dispersive suspension state; the solubility of lutein in oily products is higher than that of Beta-carrot It is 8 times larger than that, it can dissolve 2% in vegetable oil at 100℃, and the solubility is better;

3. In terms of water-dispersible products, the colors of the two are basically the same, from milky yellow to golden yellow. At present, Beta-carotene is only a milky water-dispersible product, and lutein can be used if the concentration is not very high. There are transparent products;

4. Both are used as nutrient fortifiers. Beta-carotene is only used as a source of vitamin A, which is converted into vitamin A in the body and absorbed by the human body. In addition to being a nutrient fortifier, lutein has a health care effect. It protects the retina and removes freedom. The role of radicals and free radicals has attracted more attention.

5. In terms of stability, both have good heat resistance and stable color under different pH. In terms of light resistance, Beta-carotene is not as good as lutein, which has better light stability.