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Food Contraindications For Beta-carotene

Feb 19, 2021

1. Carotene and vitamin a are fat-soluble substances. They should be fried in oil or stewed with meat before eating to facilitate attraction. Don't eat too much. A large intake of carotene will cause changes in the skin's pigment, turning it into orange-yellow. Drinking wine and carrots will cause a large amount of carotene and alcohol to enter the body together, and produce toxins in the liver, leading to liver disease. During medication, loose stools may occur, the skin is stained bright yellow, bruises and joint pain may occur. It should be taken according to the recommended dosage, and should not be overused at will.

2. If you are losing weight and are taking weight-loss drugs: Lipase inhibitors will reduce the absorption of β-carotene by 30%. People who need to take Orlistat and beta carotene supplements at the same time must stagger the time of taking the two drugs, at least two hours apart.

3. For patients with cholesterol medication, if you take cholesterol-lowering drugs and take carotene at the same time, you can reduce the level of beta-carotene in the blood by 30% to 40%. Colestipol (lipid-reducing resin No. 2), a cholesterol-lowering drug similar to cholestyramine, can also reduce the content of β-carotene.

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