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The Efficacy And Role Of Marigold Essential Oil

Apr 23, 2021

Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-spasm, promote cell regeneration, soft skin, kill fungi, kill insects, lower blood pressure, and calm down.

Application of marigold essential oil

[Skin care] Marigold essential oil is a very useful essential oil for the skin. It can treat bacterial or viral infections, especially purulent conditions. It has a healing effect on wounds, and it can also remove mold infections.

[Body maintenance] Marigold essential oil has a good anti-microbial effect, making it very valuable in preventing diseases and mosquitoes and can prevent wounds from being infected by bacteria. Marigold essential oil is effective against infectious diseases of the ears and is said to improve hearing, so its general function is to sharpen the senses. It can relieve pain, sprains and physical fatigue, and the calming effect of marigold essential oil also helps to reduce high blood pressure.