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Why Is Vanillin Added To Milk Powder?

Apr 14, 2021

Generally speaking, vanillin is an edible flavor, used to increase the aroma of food, and make food more delicious and fragrant. Vanillin can be extracted from vanilla beans and other plants, but with the increasing demand, natural vanillin is in short supply, so synthetic vanillin has been developed to reduce costs and increase production. The earliest artificial vanillin was synthesized by Dr. M. Harman and Dr. G. Thaman in Germany, and it has been developed for more than 100 years. Vanillin has a strong milk flavor, and chocolate, ice cream, beverages, cosmetics, and plastic items all exist. Among them, the fragrance of ethyl vanillin is three or four times that of ordinary vanillin, and the fragrance lasts longer and the effect is better. Only a small amount can meet the fragrance demand, and the application range is wider. The vanillin in milk powder is such a synthetic flavor. There is vanillin in the milk powder, although it improves the taste of the milk powder and makes the milk powder have a strong milk flavor, which makes the baby love to drink milk, the appetite becomes better, and the appetite becomes larger, but it will also make the baby feel the taste in the long term. Dependence is produced, leading to obesity and other problems. After the baby develops a taste preference, it is more likely to have picky eaters and partial eclipses, and it is also prone to get angry and constipation. Therefore, vanillin is not suitable for babies who are too young to eat.