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1. Product Introduction

Plant Sterol Ester is a kind of light yellow oily paste with typical fatty odor and taste at ambient temperature, and it will turn to be clear oil above 50ºC/1 22°F. It is obtained by esterification of free plant sterols with fatty acids.

Plant Sterol Ester are also product of phytosterol extracted from vegetable oil and oleic acid esterification. It is a yellow viscous grease at room temperature. When the temperature reaches 50°C/122°F or above, it has a typical fatty smell and taste. Of clean grease.

Phytosterols are neither soluble in water nor easy to grease solvents, which brings great inconvenience to the application of phytosterols. Therefore, the esterification reaction of phytosterols and oleic acid is converted into fat-soluble phytosterol esters, which expands the application range.


2. Product Specification


Physical & chemical Data

Physical & chemical Data


Test Methods

Free phytosterol ester / (%)


Phytosterol ester / (%)


Total phytosterol ester and phytosterol / (%)


Total phytosterol / (%)


Acid value(as KOH) (mg/g)


Peroxide value / (meg/Kg)


3. Production process of Phytosterol Esters

Phytosterol Oleic acid



molecular distillation



Phytostrol ester

4、Analysis of Competitive products of Phytosterol Esters

Test Item


Other Domestic Suppliers

Other Foreign Suppliers


Off-white to light

yellow viscous oil

Light yellow thin oil

Light yellow viscous oil

Taste and Odor

has the normal taste

and odor of this product,

no peculiar smell

Has a more obvious

peculiar odor

Light oily odor

Tranparency (80℃)


Clear and



Clear and



Clear and


Heating test



No precipitate

oil color change

Oil color darker,

there are black


Oil color darker,

precipitation has a

small black substance

GBT5531-2018 The conclusion of the heating experiment of vegetable fats: From the heating experiment, the Hesf plant sterol ester is obviously superior to other suppliers.

Other Items


Other Domestic Suppliers

Other Foreign Suppliers




(New resource requirements≥97%)



Green process, no catalyst solvent risk.

Enzyme Catalysis

Solvent + catalyst, residue can be detected

Shelf life

18 months at room temperature, 24 months in cold storage (verified)

18 months at room temperature, 24 months in cold storage (To be verified)

12 months in cold storage


The product has been produced for more than 6 years, and the difference between batch control is small.

Just put into production, unable to evaluate


Test capacity

Imported testing equipment, testing the product nearly 10,000 times a year, once a year for third-party type inspection, and once a year for Eurofins analytical content testing.




Equipped with complete SC and other systems, Halal, Kosher, ISO9001, ISO22000, non-GMO IP certification.



Other Terms


Other Domestic Suppliers

Other Foreign Suppliers

Executive standard

The enterprise standard is temporarily implemented, and the materials have been submitted to apply for the national standard.

Enterprise standard


Patented technology

The company currently has 22 patents and 5 patents for this product.



Price control

Completed raw material industry chain, self-produced plant sterol raw materials, independent control capabilities, the fluctuation range of price is small due to external reasons, and there is no obvious price fluctuation in the past three years.

The source of raw material sterols is uncontrollable, leading to the risk of price fluctuations of sterol esters.

High price

Delivery Time

Regular stock, can be delivered within 3 days.


Long lead time, and there is a risk of stock shortage in case of special circumstances such as an epidemic.

After-sale service

Strong after-sales service, in case of testing, use or other problems, can come to the site to provide assistance.


Slow after-sales response

5. Product Feature and Application

①Plant Sterol Ester has an important role of physiology action in body.
② Plant Sterol Ester has strong freighting inflammation,it can prevent and treat heart disease, atherosclerosis ,ulcer,skin disease,cancer of womb etc.
③Plant Sterol Ester has effect on healing wound,growing muscle and circulating in blood vessel,it also can prevent forming gall stone.
④Plant Sterol Ester is also a known class of antioxidant, and is widely used as food and feed additives.
⑤Plant Sterol Ester has high skin permeability, and may be used as a skin moisturizer.

Plant phytosterol ester (Soy) application

6. Product Qualification

Certificates such as ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal are in place.

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) Certificates

7.DeePPDTM Service

HSF DeePPD Service 01

HSF DeePPD Service 02

8. Manufacturing Base

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF manufacturing base ①

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF manufacturing base ②

9. Head Quarter Office

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) (Soy)Head Quarter Office

10. HSF Research and Development Team

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF R&D team

11. Worldwide Exhibitions

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) Worldwide exhibitions

12. Packaging and Delivery

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF Packaging Type and delivery

Plant Phytosterol Ester (Soy) HSF warehouse and regular delivery

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