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MCT powder

  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder

    Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder

    1. Pioneer manufacturer of Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder
    2. Patent micro-encapsulation technology,improve stability to light,heat,oxygen
    3. Available Certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal
    4. Other name: MCT Powder
    5. Particle Size: 95%...

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We are committed to becoming the leader in this industry, insisting on selling micro-encapsulated Pumpkin Seed Oil Powder, phytosterol at the most competitive prices, providing customers with diversified services, and striving to fully meet customer requirements. Are you going to wholesale MCT powder from a professional MCT powder producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known MCT powder manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.