High Quality Oil 6% 10% Lycopene Natural Pigment

High Quality Oil 6% 10% Lycopene Natural Pigment

Lycopene is an important member of the carotinoid families.


We pay close attention to the market dynamics of Grape Seed Oil, Alpha GPC 50%, glucosamine in powder form at home and abroad. According to the feedback from the market and users, we constantly develop and research new products to meet the different needs of customers. Responsibility to customers, to yourself, to employees, to the company, and to society are the basic principles that all our employees abide by. If you have any comments about our company or products, please feel free to contact us, your coming mail will be highly appreciated.

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Product Description:

Lycopene suspension is a member of the carotenoid family of chemical substances. Lycopene, similar to other carotenoids, is a natural fat-soluble pigment (red, in the case of lycopene) found in certain plants and microorganisms, where it serves as an accessory light-gathering pigment and to protect these organisms against the
toxic effects of oxygen and light. 

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We have many years of technology accumulation and strict quality management procedures to ensure the quality and performance of our High Quality Oil 6% 10% Lycopene Natural Pigment. In the process of globalization, with the development of the company, we will provide better and more products and high-quality services for customers to create more and higher economic benefits. We thank new and old customers for their trust with the best products, the best quality, the lowest price, and the most complete service.

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