Lutein Plant Extract Crystal Food Additive

Lutein Plant Extract Crystal Food Additive

1.Natural Lutein ester powder 5%,10%,20%~65%
2.Available Certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal
3.Pioneer manufacturer of Lutein Ester Powder
4.Lutein Ester Powder can protect eyesight from descending. Protect yellow membrane in retina, inhibit macula lutea from degeneration and blurred vision.


The development of Microencapsulation Technology, Plant Sterol Ester, AA powder must be based on the market, grasp the brand, and take the road of regional union and resource sharing. We work in an environment of mutual trust and free sharing, respecting and trusting our employees and expecting them to do their best. We also welcome the vast number of people of insight and ambitious young people to join this vigorous, magnificent family. Building a shared value and development model of mutual trust and support with our customers, employees and shareholders is essential to our success.

1. Product Introduction

Lutein from marigold Asteraceae Tagetes plants raised in a pigment widely used in food additives, also used as a medicinal pigment. Lutein is a widely found in vegetables, flowers, fruits and other plants in the natural material, living in "Class carrot category of" family matter, now known to exist in nature, more than 600 types of carotenoids, only about 20 species exist in the person's blood and tissues.

Lutein ester oil applications

2. Product Qualification

Certificates such as ISO9001, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, IP(NON-GMO), Kosher, Halal are in place.


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4.Manufacturing Base

Lutein ester oil HSF manufacturing base ①

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5. HSF Research and Development Team

Lutein ester oil HSF R&D team

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7.Warehouse and Delivery

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We have many years of technology accumulation and strict quality management procedures to ensure the quality and performance of our Lutein Plant Extract Crystal Food Additive. We uphold the concept of integrating technology, experience, and customer service. We use outstanding product performance and service enthusiasm to create higher profits and benefits for our customers. As a way to make use of the resource on the expanding information and facts in international trade, we welcome prospects from everywhere on the web and offline.

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