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Quality Guarantee



HSF Biotech has 22 invention patents, involving natural vitamin E, phytosterol, phytosterol ester, stigmasterol, ferulic acid, functional oil and micro-encapsulation fat powders, and etc.

National Standard

HSF Biotech participated in the drafting and formulation of three national industry standards for plant sterols, plant sterol esters, and natural vitamin E raw material DD oil. In addition, it is participating in two national industry standards for declaration.


2016-01: Awarded as 2015 Star Venture Enterprise in Yangling Demons tration Zone

2017-02: Awarded as the advanced unit of 2016 industrialization project construction in Yangling Demonstration Zone

2017-10: Awarded Yangling Demonstration Zone Engineering Technology Research Center

2017-10: Xi'an Healthful Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a high-tech enterprise

2018-01: Awarded the title of Gazelle Enterprise in Yangling Demonstration Zone

2018-09: Awarded as Shaanxi Province SME Innovation R&D Center

2018-11: Shaanxi Healthful Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was recognized as a high-tech enterprise

2018-11: Identified as a technological innovation demonstration enterprise in Shaanxi Province

2019-10: HSF Biotech won the first place in Xi'an Future Star TOP 100 biomedical sector Healthful National Key Engineering Research Center project approved


HSF Biotech is committed to develop nutrition supplements and functional products, maximize use of food nutrition resources, improve food quality and safety, and promote the sustainable development of food and health industry.

Esterification Technology

Apply proprietary technology: Membrane reaction and separation coupling technology. When reactants flow in the form of membrane on the inner wall of the reactor, by-products are removed without any catalyst and the esterification process is completed.


▪ Simple production process

▪ High product yield

▪ Continuous esterification and purification

▪ Energy saving

Micro-encapsulation Technology

Apply bipolar emulgator, achieve lipid soluble functional ingredients nano-emulsification by means of ultra-high speed shearing and ultra-high pressure homogenization . Then embedded in food grade materials, after spray drying, finally form micro-capsulated granule.


▪ Retain the activity of nutrients

▪ Improve water solubility

▪ Convenient for transportation and application

▪ Mask odour and bitter taste, sustained release.

Sustained release, pelleting

and coating technology

Apply pelleting technology in raw powder functional materials to form raw granular functional materials(core materials), then coat the granules through spraying and finally form micro-capsulated granules.


▪ Excellent particle size distribution and fluidity

▪ Sustained release of functional ingredients

▪ Mask the odour and bitter taste of core materials

▪ Convenient for transportation and application

Engineering Bacteria

Fermentation Technology

Apply molecular biology and genetic engineering technology in genomic analysis, change the metabolic pathways of industrial microorganisms, obtain high catalytic enzymes, use efficient cell factories, realize industrialized production of high value-added products.


▪ Reduce energy consumption and cost

▪ Maximum production efficiency

▪ Environmental protection