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Qualifications & Honors


HSF Biotech owns 22 patents, covering the production of natural vitamin E, phytosterol, phytosterol ester, stigmasterol, ferulic acid and micro-encapsulation fat powders, and etc.

National Standard

HSF Biotech participates in drafting the national standards for phytosterol, phytosterol ester and DD oil (the raw material of natural vitamin E).


2016-01 : Awarded Star Enterprise of 2015 by local government
2017-02:Awarded Leading Enterprise in Industrial Construction by local government
2017-10:Recognized as Engineering Technology Center by local government
2017-10:Recognized as Hi-tech company
2018-01:Recognized as Hi-tech company
2018-09:Recognized as Innovation R&D Center
2018-11:Identified as Demonstration Enterprise of Innovation at provincial level
2019-10:Awarded Top 100 of Xi’an Future Star
    Approved with the Research Center on National Key Programs

Halal policy

Shaanxi Healthful Bioengineering Co., Ltd. established and implemented the Halal Guarantee System in order to comply with the LPPOM MUI regulations and ensure that the products provided to Muslim consumers continue to meet the Halal requirements.

陕西海斯夫生物工程有限公司建立和实施清真保证体系,是为了遵守LPPOM MUI相关规定,保证提供给穆斯林消费者的产品持续满足清真要求。

It is hereby declared that our Halal Policy is:


1) Ensure that the raw materials used in Halal certified products are identified as HALAL by LPPOM MUI;

保证HALAL认证产品所使用的原辅料被LPPOM MUI确认是清真的;

2) Ensure that the manufacturing system used to produce Halal-certified products is clean and free of HALAL or unclean components;


3) Ensure that all products provided to Muslim consumers meet the requirements of LPPOM MUI standards.

保证所有提供给穆斯林消费者的产品符合LPPOM MUI标准要求。

Certification and Qualification