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R&D Capabilities
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HSF Biotech insists the theory of “Science and technology constitute a primary productive force ”

HSF Biotech always strengthens the scientific and technical R&D force. We have established a high-quality, multi-level and well-structured R&D team comprised of post-doctors and postgraduates who have strong independent research, development and industrialization ability, and own a number of core patent technology in frontier biotechnology.

HSF Biotech insists market and benefit orientation, advocates marketing,research and development.

HSF Biotech has successively established long-term cooperation with Shaanxi Normal University, China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University, Northeast Agricultural University in order to form a research and development mode based on self-independent innovation, integrated with supplementary cooperative research and development. We are committed to developing nutrition supplements and functional products by means of bioengineering technology, maximizing use of food nutrition resources, improving food quality and safety, and promoting the sustainable development of food and health industry.

HSF Biotech has undertaken seven national and provincial scientific and technology projects and owns twenty two invention patents.

In 2016,HSF Biotech won the second prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2017, HSF was awarded Gazelle Enterprise of National Agricultural Demonstration Area. In 2018, HSF was approved as Shaanxi Innovation and R&D Center and Shaanxi Provincial Innovation Demonstration Enterprise. In 2019, HSF was approved as National Key Engineering Experiment and Research Center.

Scientific Research Cooperation

01/ Based on biological technology

HSF Biotech established Shaanxi Biological Transformation Laboratory together with the Food College of Shaanxi Normal University in its initial stage. Integrated research and development, small scale and medium scale pilot production with achievement transformation, HSF Biotech continuously develops new products, new technology and new equipment which have provided strong guarantee for product research and development, technical difficulties solving, and technological equipment innovation.

Main Research Field

▪ Develop natural nutrition products including phytosterols and phytosterol esters, high quality natural vitamin E, ALA, EPA, DHA and other compound nutrients.

▪ Develop Lycopene, β- carotene, astaxanthin and other related oil carotenoids by mean of molecular distillation technology combined edible microbe

(Generally Recognized As Safe, GRAS)with system evolution.

▪ Study the nutritional performance evaluation and dose relationship of natural products by using of vascular cells, nerve cells, probiotics and experimental animals (rats/mice) as models.


02/ Academic cooperation with China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University and other academic institutes

Cooperated academically with Chinese universities such as China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University, Northeast Agricultural University and other well-known universities, HSF Biotech has formed a characteristic business model driven by R & D and market with strong competitiveness. Combined market demand with its own financial strength, technical advantages and marketing ability, HSF Biotech is committed to develop the human health industry, endeavor to become one of the leading professional food functional ingredients manufacturers in China.