• 09/Oct


    What is stigmasterol?

    Stigmasterol ((stigmasterol) exists in soybean oil and other soybean oils, sometimes alone, sometimes combined into a glycoside form. Many Chinese medicines such as Bupleurum, ginseng, coltsfoot, etc. also contain it. Stigmasterol is found in Corydalis tubers It exists in the for

  • 01/Oct


    Other effects of plant sterols

    A large number of studies have found that plant sterols have a certain significance in reducing the incidence of male prostatic hypertrophy. Classical studies such as Berges et al. (1995) conducted an intervention study on 200 patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy. The resul

  • 30/Sep


    The role of sterols

    1. Anti-cancer effect Animal experiments have found that sitosterol can inhibit colorectal cancer induced by chemical carcinogens, which may be related to the influx of bile acids in the large intestine. Sitosterol has the effect of inhibiting bile acids and can reduce the prolif

  • 29/Sep


    The role of sterols

    The role of sterols Phytosterols are steroids at the 3-hydroxyl position, with cyclopentane perhydrophenanthrene as the main skeleton, accounting for most of the tetracyclic three-post compounds. Among the phytosterols, 40 major sterols have been found, of which the largest conte

  • 28/Sep


    The multiple effects of tofu

    Calcium and protein Each 100g of tofu contains 15.7 grams of protein. For people who cannot drink milk due to lactose intolerance, or who do not eat meat and poultry to control chronic diseases, tofu is a very good substitute, and the protein in tofu is complete protein. , Which

  • 27/Sep


    Studies have shown that if you want to make plants more oily, it must be

    Lipid droplets (LD) are intracellular organelles that are essential for energy storage and lipid metabolism. They usually consist of an oil core coated with a single layer of phospholipids and proteins (such as oleosin). However, the details of the mechanism of LD biogenesis are

  • 24/Sep


    Phytosterols and cholesterol

    Phytosterols are plant steroids, which have a similar structure and function to cholesterol. Phytosterols are divided into two categories: sterols and stanols. The most common plant sterols include β-sitosterol, stigmasterol , campesterol and the like. The diet of early humans wa

  • 23/Sep


    Blindly treating stubborn diseases with traditional Chinese medicine-mugwort ...

    [Ingredients] Mugwort leaves contain volatile oil, the main ingredient in the oil is wormwood. In addition, it also contains thujone, stigmasterol , β-sitosterol, α-aromatic alcohol and its acetate, α- and β-pinene, fernol and minerals, fat, protein, vitamin A, vitamins B1, vitam

  • 22/Sep


    Sea buckthorn has great effects on human health

    1. The effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases The active nutrients of sea buckthorn include: vitamins, flavonoids, triterpenes, steroids, oils and fatty acids, amino acids and proteins, phenols and organic acids, volatile oils, trace elements, phospholipids, seroto

  • 08/Apr


    How to get plant sterols through diet

    Although plant sterols have long been praised by scholars and experts around the world as the "key of life", they have begun to study. However, this nutrient that is so important to humans cannot be synthesized by the body itself, and the only way to obtain it is throug

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