Dietary Supplement Good Quality Oat Fiber Powder/Oats Dietary Fiber

Dietary Supplement Good Quality Oat Fiber Powder/Oats Dietary Fiber

Appearance: White to off-white powder
Mesh Size: 40 mesh max.
Odour: Mild, neutral to slightly fat-like
Taste: Slightly sweet and fat-like


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Product Description of Phytosterol Ester Powder

LowChol® Water Soluble Phytosterol Ester Powder is a kind of mixture powder containing the plant sterols fatty acid esters, maltodextrin, casein sodium and other ingredients (listed below). It is intended for use in the dietary supplements and food industryn like solid beverages. It could be also used in the cosmetics, especially the emulsion and lotion products.

Product NamePhytosterol Ester Powder
Other NameVegapure Plant sterol ester
CAS No.83-46-5
Molecular FormulaC47H78O2
Molecular Weight674
AppearanceWhite to off-white powder

Phytosterol Ester PowderPine Sterol Ester Oil Powder

Application of Phytosterol Ester Powder

●Pharmaceutical field

●Health food field,

●Cosmetic field.

Flow Chart

Flow Chart

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