Eye Protection Material Marigold Extract 20% Zeaxanthin Bulk Powder

Eye Protection Material Marigold Extract 20% Zeaxanthin Bulk Powder

Lutein is widely exist in plants such as vegetables, flowers, fruit, it belongs to the"carotenoid" family, the family are now known to exist in nature, there are more than 600 kinds of carotene, only about 20 exist in people's blood and tissue.


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Product Description

Lutein also known as plant progesterone,is a natural pigment widely present in the banana ,kiwi,corn and marigold. Lutein is a kind of carotenoid . Lutein have very complex structures,currently can not be synthesized by manual . Lutein can be only extract from plants. Lutein after extract has very important application in the field of food and health. 

Product NameLutein CWS
Active IngredientsLutein fatty acid ester
AppearanceLight brown red powder

Lutein powder itself

Lutein powder applications

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