Korean Pine Nut Oil Softgel

Korean Pine Nut Oil Softgel

1. Cold water soluble;
2. 50% oil loading and could be customized;
3. Rich in Omega-3 & Omega 6 and Pinolenic Acid.


We promise to treat every new product with the attitude of 'doing things seriously' and 'sincerely treating people'. We will continue to open up the market with high-quality, cost-effective CLA powder, Sea Buckthorn seed Oil powder, pine phytosterol, paving the way for your success. Our business relies on the service creed of 'integrity management and high attention', and we have won the recognition and trust of customers. The company has a group of high-quality professional technical force, which masters advanced technology and has an experienced and enterprising workforce. There is no deadline for our innovation. Our persistence in innovation stems from our pursuit of excellence. It is our goal to be trusted by customers everywhere transcending national boundaries, languages and cultures and we will also move towards this goal and face various challenges into the unknown in the next several years.

Product Description

Pine nut oil powder is a white to off white or light yellow free flowing powder. It is made of pine nut oil by advanced microencapsulation technology. Pine Nut Oil is a natural light yellow oil pressed from the kernels of types of pine trees, the most common being the Siberian Pine (Pinus Sibirica). These trees grow usually in remote and completely untouched areas of Siberia such as the Altai Region in the south of Siberia. Pine nut oil powder as new food supplement, has function of pine nut oil, most importantly better taste than lipid, could be added to baking food, beverage powder, milk shake,etc.

P.S. Microencapsulation is a functional coating process to protect fragile ingredients from interaction with other ingredients, light, temperature and to extend shelf life, improve flavor or to provide special physical properties.

pinenut kernel oil powder

Product Features and Application


  • Code water soluble.

  • Protects nutrients, reducing losses and minimizing overages resulting in saved costs.

  • Sustained and controlled release options.

  • Microencapsulated nutrients remain dry and free-flowing.


The pine nut oil powder is widely used in baking food, beverage powder, milk shake, bars as well as in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

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