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5 advantages of MCT

Sep 09, 2021

5 advantages of MCT①Easy to digest

MCT is passed directly from the digestive system to the blood, instead of digestion being altered like long-chain fat. This makes it easier to digest and utilize than long-chain fatty acids. MCT oil is usually a good choice for people with digestive problems or lack of gallbladder.

②A high-quality energy

MCT is a nearly perfect energy source, because it enters the liver through the hepatic portal system and is quickly absorbed by the body, which is difficult to store in the body.


Due to the production and balance of normal hormones required for fat, MCT can provide people with special benefits of hormonal imbalance. Studies have also shown that medium-chain triglycerides can help balance hormones and improve insulin sensitivity to maintain a healthy weight.

④Intestinal health

MCT has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and there is evidence that it can help balance intestinal bacteria and fight disease-causing bacteria. Because they are easily used by the body, they provide a chance for the digestive system to rest. When a healthy diet is used to improve intestinal bacteria, MCT can help improve intestinal health.

⑤Immune health

In addition to the same antiviral and antibacterial properties, MCT is also beneficial for immunity. Healthy fats are important for normal immune function, and MCTs are fats that are difficult to absorb and want to improve their autoimmune function because they are especially beneficial to people who are easily used by the body.

Studies have shown that MCT can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and be oxidized by the brain. Therefore, MCT oil can provide a direct and indirect source of energy to the brain by producing ketone bodies.