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Do you know about L-carnitine powder?

Jul 08, 2021

1.The application of L-carnitine in diabetes

Li Yanbing and others studied the therapeutic effect of L-carnitine on overweight type II diabetic patients and found that L-carnitine can promote fat metabolism in patients, increase the utilization of fat tissue, especially abdominal fat tissue, reduce central obesity, and reduce serum triglyceride levels in patients. , Helps prevent atherosclerosis.

2. Weight loss application of L-carnitine

Zhou Shufeng et al. treated obese patients with dietary control and physical exercise while supplementing L-carnitine. After the test, the average weight loss of the experimental group was significantly different from that of the control group; Qiao Ling et al. used the formula of konjac powder plus L-carnitine to treat obese patients. With dietary intervention, a good weight loss effect was also obtained.

In short, L-carnitine has been proved by many years of clinical experiments to be a recognized safe and non-toxic nutritional supplement. Its physiological function in fat metabolism can make it widely used in the treatment of clinical diseases, weight-loss foods, and breast milk for infants and young children. Chemical milk powder, functional beverages for athletes, nutritional supplements for middle-aged and elderly people, and added to feed to feed pigs, cows, muttons, chickens, and fish. With the continuous advancement of medical science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the new uses of L-carnitine will be further expanded.