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Functional use of medium-chain triglycerides

Sep 12, 2021

mct powderMedical food, nutritional food for patients after surgery;

Sports nutrition food: quickly provide energy and enhance athletes' physical fitness;

Foods for infants and young children: formula foods for infants and young children;

Diet food

Pet medical food;

Food additives;

Medium-chain triglyceride raw materials generally exist in the form of liquid. Further processing them into medium-chain triglyceride powder (MCT powder) can greatly expand its application range, and it will be actively stored and transported. The role of.

Medium-chain triglyceride powder (MCT powder) can be used in:

Tablets: swallow tablets, chewable tablets, etc.;

Powder: solid beverages, formula milk products, etc.;

Capsules: hard capsules, soft capsules;

Liquid drinks: oral liquid, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, etc.;

Convenience food: energy bars, etc.;

Medium-chain triglyceride is a natural plant-derived raw material, which is healthy and safe. In the early days, it was used in medical products with special needs, such as milk powder for premature infants, sports energy products, etc. Now it has a wide range of applications. The effect of only supplying energy to the brain as the second source of energy for the brain will be very effective. It has a large market, and currently has great potential in the treatment and application of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.