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HSF Supply Phytosterol Ester

Aug 18, 2016


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        HSF Supply Phytosterol Ester




Product Description

Plant sterol ester plant is a good fat-soluble substance esterificated with phytosterol and vegetable oils fatty acids. The phytosterol derived from soybean oil, vegetable oil deodorizer distillate consist of sitosterol, vegetable oil sterols and stigmasterol. The product is a physiologically natural function active substances, which is an ideal cholesterol-lowering functional food ingredient. In 2000, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved phytosterol esters could be used as functional food ingredients. U. S. FDA specify the identification of phytosterol ester, as follows: " Lowering cholesterol and reducing heart disease incidence with a total daily dose of not less than 1.3G".

1. Inhibit absorption of cholesterol.
2. Promote cholesterol alienation.
3. Inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver.

Applications and characteristics:
It is a fat-soluble substance and easy to mix with the oil and fat. It should be emulsified when used to be additives in diary or other food products with water.
In the United States the GRAS has approved that phytosterol ester can be used in many fields in Food, including: Vegetable oil, margarine and spreads, yogurt and class yogurt products, healthy drinks, and so on.
In Europe, the phytosterol and phytosterol ester have been approved used in some specific food products, such as butter spreads, milk type products, and yogurt products. According to the (EC) No. 258/97, many new products with phytosterol and phytosterol ester must to be reported to the European Union before entering the market.

Trait: Light yellow oil-like substance, no foul, no smell.
Package: 25kg/barrel.

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