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Phytosterols are the key to life?

May 14, 2021

Phytosterols are hailed as the "key of life" by scientists, and are strongly recommended by the World Heart Organization, the American Heart Association, the British Heart Foundation, the German Society of Nutritional Medicine and Therapeutics, and the Australian Heart Association. It is recognized and recognized by 47 countries around the world. Apply it to the food field.

What exactly are plant sterols? This starts with understanding cholesterol. The relationship between high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is already common knowledge that most people know. The World Health Organization's survey also shows that one-third of cardiovascular diseases worldwide are caused by high cholesterol. But in fact, cholesterol is also good or bad: high-density cholesterol is called "good cholesterol", which can help build cell membranes, synthesize hormones, and cleanse arteries, while low-density cholesterol, or "bad cholesterol," is just the opposite.