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Rice bran oil extract Oryzanol 98%

Mar 22, 2018

 Gamma Oryzanol

[Product Name] Gamma-Oryzanol

[CAS] 11042-64-1

[Molecular Formular] C40H58O4

[Molecular Weight] 602.89

[Description] Gamma oryzanol is nature nutrient from bran oil and is a compond made uo of a plant sterol and feruliate. Animal studies have shown that less than 10% of the gamma oryzanol take in is absorbed. The small amounts that are absorbed travel to theliver where the compound is separated into the sterol portion gets excreted while the ferulic acid esters circulates in the body.

Gamma Oryzanol

[Assay] People's Republic of China national standards WS1-47 (B) -89

[Package] 20Kg,aluminous barrel. 

[Shelf Life] Storage in cool and dry place, 12 months.

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