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Should I buy lutein or lutein esters?

Feb 04, 2021

1. Different structures and similar functions

Lutein, also called phytolutein, is a high-quality antioxidant. It is widely found in chlorophyll vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants in the form of esters. It can form the macular pigment of the retina, filter blue light and other light, and help To protect the eyes from oxidation and high-energy light damage. You must know that the macula of the retina is responsible for central vision, but the human body cannot synthesize lutein by itself, so whether it is a child or an adult, the intake of lutein is very necessary.

The main component of lutein esters is lutein dipalmitate, which exists in all-trans molecular configuration. After entering the human body, it will be hydrolyzed into lutein, which has the same eye protection function as lutein.

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2. Different bioavailability

Although both lutein and lutein ester have the function of protecting the eyes, with the deepening of research, scientists have found that lutein ester extracted from marigold is dozens of times more powerful than lutein. Lutein will greatly reduce the utilization rate due to light, heat, pH change and other reasons during storage and consumption, which is very limited. However, due to its molecular configuration, lutein esters are more stable in storage and consumption. , The bioavailability is 61.6% higher than the monomer lutein. Therefore, in 2008, the Ministry of Health approved lutein ester as a new resource food material, and used with grape seed extract to have a better protective effect on the eyes and fundus.

Three, different acid resistance

Lutein has poor acid resistance, and it is easier to be dissolved by gastric acid after direct consumption and affect human absorption; lutein esters are consumed and lost very low when passing through the stomach after eating, and do not affect human absorption. To put it bluntly, if you are not studying the effects of lutein on your eyes in the laboratory, you should take lutein esters. After all, only efficient absorption can effectively protect your eyes.