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The soul of the ketogenic diet MCT powder

Sep 02, 2021

MCT powder, a super fat that accelerates ketogenesis. In essence, the reason why low-carb water diets are becoming more and more popular is not only because it has the effect of losing weight and weight loss, but also because it can help the body adjust metabolism. model:


It only takes 2-4 weeks to change the body from "sugar burning mode" to "fat burning mode". When a large amount of staple foods such as rice and noodles are eaten, the large amount of starch contained in the body will be broken down into a lot of energy "glucose". When the body uses these glucose as an energy source, it is called the "sugar burning mode."

After low-carb water, the body will slowly consume the glycogen stored in the body, and then begin to use fat for energy. In the process of supplying energy with fatty acids, small molecules of energy substances "ketone bodies" are produced. When the body uses these ketone bodies as energy sources, it is called "fat burning mode."

Obviously, the state of "fat burning metabolism" powered by ketone bodies has the effect of reducing body weight and body fat. But more importantly, this state of energy supply can greatly reduce the body's inflammation, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and increase metabolism. And the unique MCT powder is a shortcut that takes you to "ketone body energy supply". It is a special ingredient naturally found in palm kernel oil or coconut oil. Edible oils such as palm kernel oil, coconut oil, butter, etc. contain a lot of healthy fats, but from a structural point of view, most of the fats are "long-chain fatty acids", and only a small part is the standard "medium". Chain fatty acid MCT".

Compared with these "long-chain" fatty acids, the molecular structure of MCT can be described as "small enough". This allows it to bypass a series of complex metabolic processes after entering the body, and directly enter the liver to produce energy quickly, allowing you to produce ketones very quickly, and thus have a faster metabolism.