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What does L-carnitine do for you?

Sep 26, 2021

An Italian multicentre clinical trial on 2,044 patients suffering from recent stroke were supplied alpha-GPC in doses of 1,000 mg/day for 28 days and 400 mg three times per day for the five ensuing months. The trial confirmed the therapeutic role of alpha-GPC on the cognitive recovery of patients based on four measurement scales (Mathew Scale (MS), Mini Mental State Test (MMST), Crichton Rating Scale (CRS) and the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS)) three of which reached statistical significance. In trials utilizing alpha-GPC in vascular dementia, alpha-GPC administration was reported to improve performance on psychometric tests and to be well tolerated.

Small scale studies focusing on the effects of alpha-GPC on physical performance have also reported that alpha-GPC supplementation can increase maximum power and velocity in specified tests (counter-movement jump test) and increase lower body force (isometric mid-thigh pull test). In iron deficient women, alpha-GPC supplementation has also been reported to enhance non-heme iron uptake from dietary sources.L-carnitine


More Energy During & After A Workout: L-carnitine not only helps you increase the amount of fat burned with every workout, but you also get more energy for better workouts and an active lifestyle.

BURNS FAT: Higher levels of L-carnitine enable your body be more efficient at burning fat. Not only does this decrease the amount of fat that your body stores, but it also helps reduce visceral belly fat.

AIDS THE BODY'S IMMUNE SYSTEM: In addition to the fat-burning and weight loss benefits of L-carnitine, it also aids the body’s immune system and functions as an effective antioxidant as well.

BOOSTS YOUR METABOLISM TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT: Taking that energy increase into your exercise routine will allow you to perform with more intensity, providing a boost to your metabolism. A more efficient metabolism significantly aids your weight loss program because you’ll increase the amount of calories you’re able to burn—even at rest.