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What is the best BCAA ratio?

Jun 07, 2021

Studies have shown that in the protein and carbohydrates of people who additionally add leucine after exercise, there is a significant increase in the synthesis of muscle protein. Since leucine is the key to muscle growth, you have to make sure that the BCAA you use has the best structure of leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Isoleucine in BCAA plays an important role in burning fat. A Japanese study found that when rats were given a high-fat diet and supplemented with isoleucine, the supplement group had a significant reduction in fat compared to the control group. This is because isoleucine has the ability to activate special receptors, called PPARs, which can increase fat burning and inhibit fat storage. PPAR increases gene activity and promotes fat burning in the body. This will result in a stronger ability to burn fat, making it difficult to store fat.

The most important thing to take branched chain amino acids is to focus on your training time, whether you take it before exercise, during exercise, or after training. The reason is that this ensures that you have enough leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Based on this fact, many people think that the higher the ratio, the better