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What Lifters Need To Know About Essential Amino Acids

Jul 23, 2021

The essential amino acid EAA can help us maximize fitness results and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. If you understand and stimulate muscle protein synthesis well, you will gain muscle growth, at least not destroying your existing muscles.


When Looking to Supplement With EAAs, Check For These KeyFeatures:

All Nine Essential Amino Acids:

Justmake sure the essential amino acids are prioritized in your EAA supplement overother types of amino acids, especially over those which aren't involved inprotein synthesis on the list above.

From Fermented and Vegan-Friendly Sources:

In addition, non-fermented amino acids come with other potentialdisadvantages such as a higher risk of containing heavy metal byproducts.

Little or No Artificial Colors:

It'shard to cut these out entirely given how omnipresent they are these days, butconsidering these dyes offer no known nutritional value, it makes sense to skipthem if you see them.